Sunday Adult Education

With regular learning, our faith becomes much more than a collection of information; it becomes a lens through which we see our lives. And when we see with the eyes of faith, we are more likely to act as God would have us act, for our sakes and the sake of others.

Adult Education Classes

ADULT EDUCATION Sundays at 10am in St. Barbara

March 27: Easter Day—No Christian Education. Easter Egg Hunt for Children at 10am in the Memorial Garden.

April 3: Caregiving an Aging Parent. Health Ministries Coordinator Patrice Al-Shatti, LMSW, will share tips for caring for an aging parent in one’s home, assisting a parent living independently in the community, and the struggles of long-distance caregiving.

April 10: Caregiving a Loved One with Serious Illness. Samantha Williamson, LMSW, Palliative Care Social Worker at Mayo Clinic, will discuss self-care strategies for caregivers who have a loved one facing treatment for serious illness.

April 17: JustFaith? We are members of the parish, vestry, and day school who have spent the last 24 weeks meeting as a community to share in a journey of faith and compassion. Our experience together has been life-giving and challenging. We’ve read books, watched videos, hosted guest speakers, shared in prayer, retreats, and hands-on experiences together to better understand how we are called to live as Christians in a hurting world. Please come and hear about our experience in JustFaith. And, please prayerfully continue joining the JustFaith community next year!

April 24: Report from the 2016 Haiti Mission Team

May 1: Making Spiritual Growth A Priority In Our Congregations   Guest Presenter: The Rev. Jay Sidebotham.   In this Forum, the Rev. Jay Sidebotham, Director of RenewalWorks, will talk about the work he is doing with congregations around the country. RenewalWorks, a ministry of Forward Movement, seeks to build cultures of discipleship in Episcopal congregations by focusing on spiritual growth, for the individual and the whole congregation. Jay will guide us in conversation about what we mean by spiritual growth, what catalysts help spiritual growth to happen and what seems to get in the way.

May 8: Special Guest Presenter: The Rt. Rev. Kirk Stevan Smith, on the day of his Annual Bishop’s Visit and Confirmation.

May 15: Snacks and Fellowship for the last day of our Program Year.  Sundaes on Sunday will be going on for children, youth & families.

May 22: Parishioner, Phoebe Fox will share the children’s book she wrote and published. A fun event for both children and adults.
Phoebe will have books on hand for purchase and signing as well.

 “Spring is in the air, and it’s time for Starry’s first haircut.
She wonders: “Who will shear my coat?
Will the haircut hurt? How different
will I feel without my cozy wool?”  

Young children will smile when they
find out getting a haircut isn’t so bad,

even for a sheep!” 


The Path of Discipleship (Adult Confirmation Class)  Now Closed.
This is not your usual “class,” but a group committing to support one another as we walk together the path of faith, following Jesus. We will get to know each other, pray, and study the Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition. Father Poulson Reed and parishioner Michael King will be the mentors, with visits from special guests from time to time. This group is for adults who wish to be baptized, confirmed, received into The Episcopal Church (for those already confirmed in other denominations), and those Episcopalians who wish to reaffirm their commitment of faith. In other words, anyone may join the group, if you are willing to commit to our time together. We will meet Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30pm on March 15 through May 3. Confirmation by Bishop Kirk Smith is on May 8, 2015 at 11am. To reserve your place in the group, email Lindsay Wood at


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