Sunday Adult Education

With regular learning, our faith becomes much more than a collection of information; it becomes a lens through which we see our lives. And when we see with the eyes of faith, we are more likely to act as God would have us act, for our sakes and the sake of others.


Sunday Adult Education Classes 10am in St. Barbara II  (plus once a month, as an additional option, Family Sunday School in Manning Hall offers formation for all ages.)

January 4:  Go Small @ All Saints: Small faith sharing groups in 2015. Come and see! Led by our small group leaders.
January 11: If Something Ever Happens to Me: Resources to help you plan for the end of your life. Led by Patrice Al-Shatti.
January 18:  All Saints’ Annual Budget Review
January 25:  All Saints’ Annual Parish Meeting

Building a Life of Faith in the Digital Age
The 21st century is the digital age, with technology evolving rapidly, and entering every aspect of human life. How are we to understand  the relationship between technology and faith? What practical steps can we take in our own lives to integrate our use of technology with our Christian identity? We will explore these questions, taking inspiration from William Powers’ book “Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age.” Reading the book is not required for the classes.

February 1: Hamlet’s Blackberry and the Search for Meaning in the Digital Age (Poulson Reed)
February 8: Children, Youth, Families and Technology: a Round Table Discussion (Brandi Haskins, Holly Davis, Poulson Reed)
February 15: The Theology of Technology (James Merrick)
February 22: No Candy Crush after 10pm: Developing a Digital Rule of Life (Anne Ellsworth and Poulson Reed)

Sin: Some Lenten Reflections
What does the Anglican tradition teach about sin, and how might we think about it in this season of repentance?

March 1: Original Sin (Bishop Burrill)
Read the newspaper or listen to the news. We have a big problem. What is the cause? Is there reason to be hopeful?

March 8: What Do Episcopalians Believe about Sin? (Father Reed)
The Episcopal Church doesn’t talk about sin as much as some other churches do. What do we believe about it, and why does it matter?

March 15: Special Presentation: A Report from Our 2015 All Saints’ Haiti Team
We take a break from our series on sin to hear from some of our team of students and adults who recently visited our partner church and school, Saint Paul’s in Gascogne, Haiti.

March 22: The Devil and Sin (Larry Soller)

March 29: Easter: Sin’s Undoing  (Father Reed)
(note: starts at 10:15am because of Palm Sunday)
As we enter Holy Week, we reflect on how Christ’s death and resurrection defeat sin and death.

The Path of Discipleship (Adult Confirmation Class)
This is not your usual “class,” but a group committing to support one another as we walk together the path  of faith, following Jesus. We will get to know each other, pray, and study the Christian faith in the Episcopal tradition. Father Poulson Reed and parishioner Michael King will be the mentors, with visits from special guests from time to time.  This group is for adults who wish to be baptized, confirmed, received into The Episcopal Church (for those already confirmed in other denominations), and those Episcopalians who wish to reaffirm their commitment of faith. In other words, anyone may join the group, if you are willing to commit to our time together. We will meet Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30pm on March 17 through May 5. To reserve your place in the group, email Lindsay Wood at

Examples of Recent Classes and Workshops

Human Suffering and God’s Mercy: Reflections on the Book of Job
Why does God allow good people to suffer? The Book of Job is one of the Bible’s most profound explorations of how human suffering and sin relate to God’s mercy and justice. In this season of Lent, we will reflect on this book, and what it can teach us about how to find meaning and growth in the challenging times of our lives.

March 9: An Overview of the Book of Job [Fr. Reed]
March 16: The Reality of Suffering: Where Is God? [Bishop Burrill and Dr. James Merrick]
March 23:  In a Suffering World With A Loving God: What Is Our Task? [Bishop Burrill and Dr. James Merrick]
March 30: William Blake’s Job [Fr. Reed]
April 6: The Cross: The Suffering God [Dr. James Merrick]

1000 Years of Musical Art: A music appreciation series
Dr. James Gerber is presenting a summer education series to the entire All Saints’ Community on Thursday evenings, June 19 – July 24, from 7:00 to 8:30pm in the St. Barbara meeting rooms. Anyone interested in learning more about the history of music is welcome. The series is free of charge and light refreshments will be available. The topics for the specific dates are:
Thursday, June 19: Music from the Medieval and Renaissance eras
Thursday, June 26: Music from the Baroque era: 1600-1750
Thursday, July 3:    The music of Johann Sebastian Bach & George Frideric Handel
Thursday, July 10:  Music from the Classic era: 1750-1820
Thursday, July 17:  Music from the Romantic era:  1820-1900
Thursday, July 24:  Twentieth Century Music

Exploring Prayer with the All Saints’ Prayer Team
Saturday morning, January 11, 2014, 8:30 am–12noon
Do you have questions about prayer?  Have you ever thought, “Isn’t prayer the priest’s job, why should I pray?” or maybe, “I know I should pray more, but I don’t really know how.” Well, come to All Saints’ on January 11, for a Saturday morning Introduction to Prayer Retreat. The All Saints’ Prayer Team is leading a half-day program for those who would like to learn a little more about prayer. The retreat style program will include time for reflection, discussion, and prayer. We will begin at 8:30am with registration and continental breakfast in St. Barbara I & II.  Our morning together will end with Holy Eucharist and adjourn at 12noon.  Please register by calling the Church Office, 602-279-5539.